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              Welcome in 2022 - Willkommen in 2022 - Welkom in 2022

Folllow me.....


GROSSENHAIN, Saxony, Germany

June 8 2022 - June 22 2022

Please "feel free" to check-out my Twitter page above or e.-mail hmpa9636an@gmail.com for my progress or otherwise! while in Western Germany, The Netherlands and Britain. What's App messages on 0031 6 21297528 are welcome too! I am attending to several financial, legal and medical matters, following family Bereavements and double-Hernia surgery nearly 5 weeks ago.


Between 13 and 17 July, we will have another of our well renowned authentic reality prison events..... 5 prison dots..... 5 days in Prison!

A very varied programme including: strip searches, restraint, detention in our range of cells, and much more if that's how we decide....

Household contributions will be needed-

Make us an "Offer we can't refuse"!

WRITE NOW!: nickosbourne@outlook.com

Nick Osbourne


Telephone: 0049-3522 528930 / 0031-6 21297528 (also What's App)

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JVA Grossenhain prison night view
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Still looking forward..... The caption reads:-

"On voluntary probation from the Karosta prison 2006....." (five prison dots).

Repaired and re-painted in HM prison service blue is my front door at:-

Meissnerstrasse 41A, 01558, Grossenhain, Germany.

I love being a Life long inmate of JVA Grossenhain prison myself.....

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Volker in the basement wearing my prison