It's July 25 2021, the sun is shining over my beautiful JVA Grossenhain prison..... and yours' truly,

Nick, GOVERNOR and, in a sense, LIFER PRISONER too..... is very happily sat here at my desk, clad

in T shirt and shorts, white socks and Superman slippers..... the outside pathway [N5] in the direction of my office has just been further extended, and an offer for a traditional wooden Pillory submitted...

There are more and more improvements in and around here thanks to my friends' and my efforts.

At no expense before anyone imagines that I have resources or liabilities, I simply don't have!

Please read/Bitte sie lesen: JVA GH. Corona hinweise - advice.

NOBODY should under-estimate my determination to survive HERE and, in my own way, THRIVE!

Niemand sollten sich verkennen wie ganzen RESOLUT Ich bin HIER überleben in meinem Weg!

As always, I can happily be reached by telephone on 0031 6 21297528,

and e.-mail and What's App.

HOPEFULLY, in the future, we can still do prison-like things around here in so many different ways,

and add in some extra horny bits for those so minded and interested.....

2020 is the 125th anniversary of JVA Grossenhain prison. It was first built in 1895.

Major outside works, including ground and walls clearance, and - forgive the word! -

erection of a pathway and track network towards the old district court of Grossenhain

which was operational until 1963 when our town was in the former GDR. (East Germany),

continue whenever the weather makes progress sustainable.

Through the back gate of the old Court, and our back gate, district convicts were led INSIDE here.....

Now that, on our side of the high wall, I am single-handedly re-designing and alligning the whole area,

there is every realistic possibility that the traditional atmosphere can be replicated.....

And a historic outside "Pillory" will be built there.....




Vielen dank an viele Leute wer mit mich noch Kontakte haben!

Best wishes, Nick <OZ>, Governor and content prisoner myself!

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32 years ago, I had just been released from a year and 7 months+ sentence in Her Majesty's prisons..... from an "open" prison where prepared for early release which, as some fellow inmates and me were allowed out in short range and duration, was buy snacks and (soft) drinks, chat, smoke, play football, and - on time - return, to get strip searched

and back to our cells!

Once, when a few of us did break some rules, like we got "wrecked", we were locked up individually and naked, apart from restraint cuffs, for 12 hours.

That was also a sobering experience!

I got released, on parole, on 29 May 1989. There is a picture on my website of me laying naked on a beach - still a skinny tattooed long-haired boy - on the way home.

And more than 10 years ago, another much shorter sentence in a British Prison,

for willful refusal to pay an unjust motoring fine and costs.....

Five prison dots: I now have them tattooed between my right thumb and finger.....

I had good relations with many guards ("screws") AND other inmates: at the end of the day,

we are all human, and contentious behaviour on either side of a given situation is not smart.....


I hope that you will decide whenever possible in the future to be my co-Inmate here at now at the wonderful JVA Grossenhain prison, my very own great little "prison paradise".....


Nick Osbourne

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Nick Osbourne, BA., Hons., LSE., still looking forward.....

May 24 2021.....

The caption reads: "On voluntary probation from the Karosta prison 2006....." (five prison dots)

Volker in the basement wearing my prison