Soon after arrival in any prison, you are told to get completely undressed: 


After you take off all your clothes, which is done in stages, you will be carefully and professionally checked for contraband in any part of your anatomy. This is for everybody's security.


The running order of this procedure varies:-

A facial only "mug shot" is taken.....

Footwear and socks removed.

Jeans or trousers off. Searched. 

Underwear, at this stage, still on.

Shirt and/or 'T' shirt-vest off. Searched.

Finally..... underwear off.....


Full body search

  • Head, facial, mouth and dental inspection.

  • Neck, chest, arms, abdominal, back, legs inspection.

  • Inspect under feet.

  • Birthmarks, scars, any injuries, tattoos and piercings are inspected.


In itself, it's immaterial whether you're 18 or 80, or somewhere in between!    


We always carry out equality.....

and that includes both gender and sexual orientation..... 

Married circumcised guy

    Nick got strip searched by the

    Gardai in Dublin when innocent

"When I Strip Search a guest,

it's with the equal Respect, I'd want,

and mostly have had for myself".....

- Nick Osbourne, Governor

When you're told to "Bend Over,

touch your toes", this you will have to do.....

In PQ., Canada, the USA., and here too!