1 If you want to participate at

JVA Grossenhain prison, please

fully introduce yourself and interests by e.-mail to:-


BE HONEST with us and,

of course, yourself!

Include dates when you will

definitely be available, as both group and individual events must be carefully planned and resourced.....

2 We aim to reply to all enquiries, at least by acknowledgement, and yes/no/maybe, within 24 hours.

If we subsequently make an invitation,

it will be by IBAN transfer to:-


At the present time, we are CLOSED,

given Corona-control Laws and Advice.

All existing arrangements are,

of course, delayed pending developments and improvements

to the contrary.

3 Our prison guests are treated with

"on theme" respect, security and the best possible depiction of a chosen prison experience.

4 Our rules are fair, short but strict:-

(a) We expect you to follow sensible

orders and instructions, as would be the case in modern prisons;

(b) You keep your allocated cell clean and tidy. Deliberate or careless damage may result in a surcharge.  Heating is set at appropriate levels, throughout the

house. Prisoners are NOT PERMITTED

to change radiator settings in their

cells. The Governor or warden may be

ASKED to turn this equipment up or

down. Their decision is FINAL.

Breaches may result in surcharge,

additionally to other measures.

(c) We expect punctiality, respect and good manners from our inmates.

Co-operation with the work of the house, Staff and other inmates. We operate a consensual, hard but fair default policy.

(d) As Governor of JVA Grossenhain

prison, and owner, I take my

responsibilities very seriously,

but with good humour, judgement and experience.....